PCSA History

An Insight into the Precast Concrete Structures Association

The Precast Concrete Structures Association began in 1983 when a group of underground structure manufacturers decided that there was much to be gained for the State of Florida and for the Industry by standardizing the dimensions of the various drainage components. Thus, an alliance was formed and standardization moved forward under the leadership of its first President Alex DeBogory and first Executive Director Fred L. McGee.

A key player in the standardization process was the Florida Department of Transportation. PCSA worked very closely with the Department where both organizations benefitted from the exchange of ideas and experience. Gradually, and together, they achieved their goal. State specifications changed to accommodate a high quality and more efficient manufacturing process.

The relationship with the DOT that was cast so many years ago has cured and strengthened to become one of the most cohesive and productive partnerships between trade associations and Florida state government. The PCSA membership has swelled to include almost every underground structure manufacturer in Florida. Its quarterly membership and FDOT meetings have kept the Industry on a productive track for almost three decades. The results of these meetings impact the drainage construction practices in literally every county, city, and private municipality in the state. And, PCSA personnel training and certification is now a mandatory part of FDOT specifications.

The Precast Concrete Structures Association has become an integral influence in infrastructure development both for storm water and sanitary drainage which impacts our lives every day. The Industry's foremost leaders continue to honor the association by stepping forward to serve as its President. In 1988 Mr. McGee's legacy of Executive Director was accepted by Fred L. McGee Jr. who retired from this position in December of 2016. The PCSA Board of Directors selected R.W. Wilson & Associates (W&A) to manage association day-to-day operations effective January 2017. Rob Wilson, President of W&A, currently serves as Executive Director of the PCSA.

We invite all those concerned with drainage related issues to join PCSA and become a part of the ever expanding and influential voice of the underground precast industry.